2013 Truck Auction

1971 Superior Coach Motorhome

1981 GMC Wrecker

1947 Studebaker Flatbed

1942 Diamond T Military Truck

  • Diamond T was know as “The Cadillac of Trucks” due to quality manufacturing and its features
  • The Model 201 was produced between 1938 and 1949

Homemade Model A Tractor

1951 Ford Flatbed

1973 Cortez Motorhome

Model Cars – Government-Military Trucks

Lot Includes:

Perrier Bus – plastic
1935 US Mail Truck (1930′s Ford P/U)
1985 Hummer With Friction Motor
1940′s WWII Jeep
Willy’s Jeep, Flat Fender
M998 Humvee Die-Cast Metal, 1:20 Scale
Ultimate Texas Texaco Tanker, Franklin Mint

Model Cars – Pickup Trucks

Lot Includes:

1956 Ford F100 Street Machine P/U
1937 Studebaker Pickup
1929 Dodge P/U
1941 Dodge P/U, Franklin Mint
Die cast Trailer
1953 Chevrolet Pickup – Die-cast metal
Dodge Ram 2500 P/U
1931 Ford Model A Pickup Die-cast Metal
1934 Ford Pickup, Die Cast metal
1946 Ford F-100 P/U Metal

Model Cars – Miscellaneous Trucks B

Lot Includes:

1930′s Taxi (1934 Ford), Franklin Mint
1938 Ford P/U, Franklin Mint
1913 Model T Jack Daniels Delivery Truck
1953 Chevrolet Wrecker, Franklin Mint
1913 Ford C Cab Delivery, Texaco, Fairfield Mint
1953 White 3000 Freight Truck with Trailer, Lionel
1968 Chevrolet El Camino SS-396
1920′s Ford Model T Paddy Wagon, Danbury Mint