Lot 575 – 1982 Nissan Bluebird (Right Hand Drive)


Right hand drive, 36,XXX original miles.

Ed and Etsuko are finally letting their baby pride go! Ed purchased her in Okinawa, Japan in 1986 from the original owner.  They went through the painstaking, timely, and costly task of importing her to the United States, paying her bond, and meeting all U.S. E.P.A. and D.O.T. safety standards.  She has been inspected by Washington state patrol, assigned a Washington state V.I.N. number, titled and registered to drive in the United States.

She has all modifications completed to meet U.S. safety standards including: door reinforcement beams, bumper replacements, windshields, lights, mirrors, and wheels and tires.  The stack of documents with specifications and photos are included in the sale, along with many original parts that Ed was allowed to keep in the conversion. Parts include: bumpers, lighting system, most of the smog controls with air filter housing, and the entire 5 speed manual transmission (19,XXX miles.)  The five speed transmission and clutch work great.

This car was the top production drift car at the time of manufacture due to its independent suspension. He was not allowed to keep the original wheels or tires.  It has been converted to an automatic transmission for comfort and ease of driving, but can be converted back to manual if desired.  She has independent suspension, which really hugs the road and is always such a joy to drive with lots of head turning wows and thumbs up!

The peppy and economical Z-18 engine, dual ignition distributor has been changed to an electronic distributor, so no more messing with dual points and dwell settings.  The original distributor assembly is also included in the sale.  She has a lifetime warranty starter, alternator, distributor, water pump, muffler, cat. converter, and brake pads. It has had a new professional paint job (original paint was sun faded).