Lot 532 – 1955 Citroen Traction Avant 15 Legere (English)


1955 Citroen Traction Avant 15 legere (light) RHD English Production

Rare right hand drive Citroen Traction Avant with factory installed semiphores (trafficators) as required by Britain at the time. (French production was already using turn signals). Wonderful original driver that was recently brought out of storage from an airplane hangar. Front wheel drive 4-cylinder propels the charming 3 speed gearbox. Graceful running board-less art deco design invites top coats and formal gowns as you slide into the luxurious suicide doors up front or the massive lounge for a back seat with the style of French luxe.

Extraordinary road car that’s decades ahead of itself in road worthiness, economy and technology, while still maintaining the illusion of prewar expression, design and style. The leather and wood accent only available in U.K. production examples. On this extremely original car, they remain in fine condition.

These cars were eventually replaced by the ID/DS series, another milestone car. The subject car is a driver needing nothing to enjoy. It is solid, roadworthy and delightful to the eye. A milestone to any automotive historian and a magnificent work of art to most. Henri Citroen was the Henry Ford of Europe. His lifetime opus may have been the “Traction” series. Traction Avant means “ Front wheel drive” loosely translated. Even in Greek this car is spectacular.