Lot 705 – 1987 Nissan BE-1



1987 Nissan Be-1.  The first of the original “Pike Factory” cars, this 1987 Be-1 is in beautiful original condition with only 77k original kilometers (47,845 miles), automatic transmission, a/c, folding electric vinyl sunroof, original interior (including original floor mats) and original dark yellow paint (only four colors were offered – yellow, red, white and blue).  The only non-original part of the car is an aftermarket Clarion stereo and speakers.  The Be-1 was only produced from 1987-1988 and only 10,000 were ever produced making it the rarest of the Pike cars (only the S-Cargo is rarer at 8,000 but it is considered a cargo van and not a car).  All Pike cars (with the exception of the S-Cargo which used the 1.5 liter Nissan Sentra engine) used the 987 Nissan Micro engine and were carbureted (the Figaro was the exception using the Micra engine, but fuel-injected and turbo-charged).  The Nissan Micra has been produced for many years and has been sold throughout the world with the exception of the United States.  Many parts for the Be-1 can be found in, not only Japan, but also in England where it has maintained a large cult following.  It is estimated that fewer than 100 are in the U.S.


The Nissan Be-1 is a retro-styled three-door hatchback manufactured by Nissan for model years 1987-1988, and originally marketed solely in Japan at their Nissan Cherry Stores.


Designed to be a fashionable city car, the Be-1 was originally marketed without Nissan branding, by reservation only and solely in Japan.

Because of its origins at Pike Factory, Nissan’s special project group, the Be-1 — along with the Nissan Figaro, Pao and S-Cargo — are known as Nissan’s “Pike cars.”

In 2011, noted design critic Phil Patton, writing for the New York Times, called the Pike cars “the height of postmodernism”[1] and “unabashedly retro, promiscuously combining elements of the Citroën 2CV, Renault 4, Mini [and] Fiat 500.”


The engine was the 1.0L (987 cc) MA10S, and a 3-speed automatic transmission or 5-speed manual transmission. This engine produced 52 PS (51 hp/38 kW) at 6000 rpm and 76 N·m (56 ft·lbf) at 3600 rpm.

The chassis included rack and pinion steering, independent suspension with struts in front, as well as 4-links and coil springs in back. Disc brakes were used in the front and Drum Brakes were used in the rear.