Lot 723 – 1990 Nissan 300 ZX


1990 Nissan Fairlady 300ZX in beautiful original silver (hood repainted do to slight fading – pictures taking before professional hood repaint).  Original 83,000 kilometers (51,573 miles), 5 speed transmission, a/c, stereo, beautiful original grey cloth interior.  This Z car is extremely rare in the U.S. as it was only offered in the twin-turbo model with the 2+2 configuration for the Japanese market only.  Very nice condition with good tires and tasteful aftermarket period alloys.  This car really belongs in a museum – it is that nice.

  • A beautiful silver bullet;
  • 1990 Nissan Fairlady Z (or 300ZX)
  • Twin Turbo
  • 5 speed, with T-tops,
  • HICAS four-wheel steering;
  • Right hand drive;
  • only 83,000 kilometers or about 51,500 miles.
  • She is an original right-hand drive car legally imported;
  • Bridgestone Potenza RE71 tires with about 6 to 7/32″ of tread left and they all are worn evenly;
  • Ewing Japanese Domestic Market (JDM)–BBS-like wheels that set her off nicely;
  • She has OEM Ichikoh headlights, another unique JDM item;
  • The air conditioning blows very cold air and the climate control works as it should;
  • Silver repaint is excellent. No dings.
  • She comes with three original Nissan Fairlady Z keys and deep pile floor mats as well as the original steering wheel and shift knob and T-top covers;

The Nissan 300ZX is a sports car in the Nissan Z-car family that was produced across two similar but unique generations. As with all other versions of the Z, the 300ZX was sold within the Japanese domestic market under the name Fairlady Z.

Sold in Japan from 1983 to 2001 and in the United States from 1984 through 1996, the 300ZX name followed the numerical convention initiated with the original Z car, the Nissan S30, which was marketed in the U.S. as the 240Z. The addition of the “X” to the car’s name was a carryover from its predecessor, the 280ZX, and signified the presence, either standard or optional, of luxury and comfort oriented features not present on previous models.

Despite the presence of that additional equipment, the first generation “Z31” variant of the 300ZX (1983-1989) continued in the tradition of the original S30 as a mid-priced model. The second generation “Z32” was driven up-market, being faster, more capable, more advanced, and much higher priced than its predecessor, with consecutive price increases each model year of availability. As such, the Z31 was the more accessible, and ultimately the more popular model, selling over 100,000 more units in total than the Z32.

Car and Driver placed the Z32 on its Ten Best list for 7 consecutive years, each model year of its availability in the United States. Motor Trend awarded it as the 1990 Import Car of the Year.[2] The Nissan 350Z, officially the Z33 generation Z-Car, succeeded the 300ZX in 2003.