1949 Triumph 2000 Roadster

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Triumph is a very old automobile manufacturer going back into the 1920’s. This one was manufactured before the sports cars that most of you know as Triumphs. The bod was hand-formed aluminum over a wooden buck. Jaguar actually formed the bodies for Triumph. This is a non-export model, that is why it is a right hand drive. There are very few of these in the United States. The doors are considered suicide doors, since they open the opposite way from most cars. This was the last automobile that was produced by any manufacture with rumble seats, the British refer to them as dickey seats. The turn signals flip out from the side, and are referred to as either semifores, or turnicators. The engine, as many British autos had is actually from Massey Ferguson Tractor company. It was used later in TR2’s, TR3’s and TR4’s , it is referred to as the Vanguard engine. The column shift is just the reverse of a three-speed American column. Makes one really think as you drive. The last of the strange features are the telescoping gas filler, the muffler with a notch cut in it so the frame member can pass through it, and is located by the right-hand door.