1952 MG TD Roadster

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The 1950 TD Midget combined the TC’s drivetrain, a modified hypoid-geared rear axle, the MG Y-type chassis, a familiar T-type style body and independent suspension using coil springs from the MG Y-type saloon: a 1950 road-test report described as “most striking” the resulting “transformation … in the comfort of riding”. Also lifted from the company’s successful 1¼-litre saloon for the TD was the (still highly-geared) rack and pinion steering. In addition the TD featured smaller 15-inch (380 mm) disc type road wheels, a left-hand drive option and standard equipment bumpers and over-riders. The car was also 5 inches (130 mm) wider with a track of 50 inches (1,300 mm).

Nearly 30,000 TDs had been produced, including about 1700 Mk II models, when the series ended in 1953 with all but 1656 exported, 23,488 of them to the US alone.The main complaint that US owners had with the MG T sold in the US was the British 12-volt system, which was hard to service when a headlight or other electrical items broke down. Also, they had minor complaints over the lack of water and fuel gauges. But in general in surveys owners of the Americanized MG T had more positive remarks than negative. 0-60 mph time was 22.7 seconds according to Popular Mechanics.

Our 1952 MGTD Roadster is an older restoration that has held itself together well enough to be a very presentable driver. Classical, elegant and vintage are three things that immediately come to mind and are embodied wholly by this piece. It is a great entry level driver that will need some service to be used on a regular basis. Minor paint and cosmetic flaws are evident but the patina is commensurate, with careful and loving use over a lifetime.