2000 Qvale DeTomaso Mangusta

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Last model collaborated by legendary Alejandro DeTomaso – One of only 284 produced – One of the last Italian super cars with American muscle drivetrain – 4.6 liter Ford Cobra SVT V-8 – Borg Warner T45 4-speed transmission – Chassis designed by Formula 1 designer Enrique Scalabroni – Bodywork designed by Marcello Gandini -“Roto-top” allows for three-position coupe: hardtop, targa, & full convertible -Leather interior -Believed to be 15,000 actual miles.

This 2000 DeTomaso Qvale Mangusta is the product of a collaboration between two old friends, both major figures in the Italian-American axis of the auto industry. Italian car buffs need no introduction to Alejandro De Tomaso, the father of the Pantera and the original Mangusta. De Tomaso’s old friend and sometimes business partner Kjell Qvale (pronounced Shell Kah VAL ee) was a successful player in the automotive business for over 50 years, most notably as an importer of British and Italian sports cars through his San Francisco dealership. The two reached an agreement to build and sell a car De Tomaso had shown at the 1996 Geneva Auto Show called the Bigua. Trouble arose over licensing and distribution rights, and Qvale and his sons took over the operation, opening the Qvale Mangusta factory on the outskirts of Modena. Designed by Marcello Gandini, who also penned the Lamborghini Miura and Countach (note the rear wheel arches, a Gandini trademark), the Qvale’s chassis was the work of F1 designer Enrique Scalabroni. A compact design with elegant detailing throughout, the Qvale is one of the last Italian specialty cars packing American muscle, in this case the drivetrain from Ford’s rock-em sock-em Mustang Cobra SVT. The 4.6 L DOHC V-8 pumps 320 HP through a Borg Warner T45 4-speed, giving the Qvale the same performance as the SVT. The interior is a particular strong point thanks to extensive use of high quality leather upholstery and the unique three-position “Rototop” roof that offers coupe, targa and open configurations. After producing only 284 cars, the Qvale Mangusta operation was purchased by MG-Rover and production ceased, insuring that the Qvale Mangusta will remain one of the most exclusive Italian-American sports cars of the 20th century.