Chihuly Studio – Pacific Sunrise Macchia Studio Edition

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Pacific Sunrise Macchia
A fearless series devoted to unconventional and intrepid color combinations, the Macchia bring Dale Chihuly’s continually evolving palette of color to new heights. In the words of former curator Henry Geldzahler, “You see color as you’ve never seen it before, as if color itself were floating in the air. It is an elevating experience. It makes you walk a bit lighter for the rest of the day.”

In the 2006 Chihuly Workshop Studio Edition Pacific Sunrise Macchia, a strong sense of movement rises out of intense combinations of primary colors. A bright yellow lip wrap outlines clouds of aquatic blue and deep red that float under a slender amber coil. This richly colored strata fades to a transparent base in pleasing counterpoint to the saturated hues above.

Handblown and measuring approximately nine inches high, Pacific Sunrise Macchia is signed by Chihuly. A display vitrine and Chihuly alla Macchia, a book detailing the evolution of this series with 104 photographs and an introduction by art historian Robert Hobbs, are included with this Studio Edition.

Pacific Sunrise Macchia uses refreshing color combinations to write a brilliant new chapter in the Chihuly Workshop Studio Edition collection.