1920 White Boom Truck

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After 1918 White abandoned car production and focused solely on trucks. The company had produced 8,927 examples of gasoline powered cars. The company continued to produce trucks becoming on of the largest producers in America. Their trucks were used by the Dan-Dee Potato Chip Company, which had entered business in 1913 and moved to Cleveland by 1915. In 1980 the White Truck Company went bankrupt and were later absorbed into Volvo/GMC, later Volvo North America.

A boom truck serves multiple purposes by using a boom winch to recover or transport heavy items to inaccessible areas whether a ditch, hillside or to the top of a building. A boom winch mounted in the bed of a large truck can transport construction material and equipment to a site from streetside, while a boom truck equipped with a cherry picker can allow an arborist to access treetops.