1934 International 1.5 Ton Flatbed Truck

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Old Betsy is a 1934 International Flatbed truck (1.5 ton).  She was purchased in 1935 by EHA Fischer, current owner’s grandfather.  He was  a beekeeper in Grand Forks County, North Dakota.  This truck was used to haul beehives to fields for pollination.  Every winter the bees had to go into cellars for hibernation and protection from the freezing weather.  Old Betsy hauled all the hives into the cellars every fall and back out every spring.

When my grandfather became older my dad, E.V. Fischer used the truck to continue with the beekeeping enterprise.  My dad retired in the 1980’s, when the truck was put into storage.  When my cousin, George Kauk retired from Lockheed as an aircraft engineer, he asked my father if he could move the truck to California and restore it to its original condition. George spent several years restoring her and worked hard to find original parts. Then in 1993 I brought the truck to Washington. She was in many shows and always won prizes.

When I was old enough to help in the work, it was the vehicle used to teach me how to drive.

I have the orginal registration from 1935 in North Dakota.  The new owner may have that if desired. I also have the before and after pictures of the restoration, if desired.