AM Performance Truck & Trailer

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AM Performance Racing was a family race operation of Debbie LeMay-Shepard, Charles Boyles and Chad and Ethan Boyles. They put together a first rate race team for the Continental tire challenge series of Grand-AM sedans running fully race prepped Nissan 370Z’s. Their effort also brought to the aftermarket tuner parts for the 370Z chassis as developed for the track and available for the street. Not long after Debbie’s passing in the fall of 2011 the race shop closed operation. The remaining assets of the AM Performance operation are available for auction at this event. The Cars, Spares, track side support equipment, extensive shop tools and machinery, truck and transporter are all available at this sale. Bidding will be on reserve for the complete package.

Lot Includes:

2005 387 Peterbilt tractor <300k miles

2004 Kentucky High tech HT 3273 `transporter, 18’ awning, hospitality gear, crew communication radios and support gear , full parts and supply drawer system. Fueling and telemetry observation carts.