Lot 446: 1967 Saab Sonett II

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258 Saab Sonett ( 2 stroke, 3 cylinder) cars were made in 1967/68.   141 cars are in the Sonett registry with an estimated 20% in concours or excellent condition.
I believe this car originated or had lived previously in Florida. Dates unknown but was acquired by Tom Donney of Ford Dodge Iowa in the mid 90’s. I acquired the car from tom in 1997 and it was trailered to Homer Alaska by my nephew on his return trip. It was complete but in awful condition. It did run and the Transmission was good. The glass was good and the rear window was original (now unobtainium).
The car was not titled and was bought on a Bill of Sale. I did a bond for a year and got an Alaska Title and it is currently registered and licensed.

I stripped the car completely and sandblasted the metal unibody core. All remaining rust was cut out and new panels/ pieces fabricated or purchased from Jack Ashcraft (both rockers) welded in and re-sandblasted before priming and painting. The underside has an abrasion resistant paint layer. Not undercoated.

All the suspension pieces were sandblasted and powder coated except the back axel which is painted. It was assembled with all new bushings and shocks. The brakes were done with all new parts and new brake lines were made.

The motor is correctly numbered 850cc unit that was rebuilt by Bud Clark of Orange, Ca and has the correct Sonett triple side draft Carb set and the remote float bowl. The Transmission was checked again by Tom Donny before reinstalling. The front expansion chamber is custom made with dual 1.25’ exhaust ports going to a stock but reworked for dual pipes rear muffler in the correct position. Most of the wiring is original.

The body only had minor cracks in the fiberglass. These were repaired and primed and painted with PPG base/clear. The paint is nice but starting to show a couple of minor issues if you know where to look.

The interior was completely renewed with all new materials to reasonably match original. A new exact copy wood dash was made. I left the steering column and wheel untouched to show the patina of the cars long life.

Tires are Classic Vredstein Sprint Classic 155 SR15’s   on original wheels which are powder coated Argent Silver and Clear powder coat. Original hubcaps.   Classic look….

Also included are reprints of the original Owners Manual, an 850 Motor Manual, a Sonett II Service Manual, the full factory Service Manual for all the 2 stroke cars, and a Tuners Handbook for the 2 stroke motor. And a box of Ignition parts.

I did not bring s factory tool kit, but I can provide one. Not sure if it would be correct, but would be the correct vintage. The car has no spare tire.