Lot 492: 1966 Honda Sports 800 Coupe

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1966 Honda Sports 800 Coupe. These cars were rated to 100mph with 35 mpg. Super rare.

Number 239 of the first Sports 800 coupes with chain drive (only 242 made).

Rare independent rear suspension.

Has not run in over 35 years. Body is in good shape, very little rust. Needs front bumper. Brackets in car.

1966 Honda S800 coupe. Lot #492

This vehicle was purchased by current owner in August 2006, in Seattle, Washington. The selling agent said the car had been in storage in Washington state for some time. According to posts on marque registry, (at least two previous owners were members) the car has not been on the road for over 35 years. It is one of the last few chain drive units. Number 239 of 242 coupes. This car has independent rear suspension only available on chain drive.

Body is in reasonable shape, with no obvious major dents or rust issues. Front bumper and a few badges are missing. Bumper brackets are in car. Headlight doors were removed for transport, (didn’t want to lose) they are in car. Tail light lenses are incorrect. Car was re-sprayed at some point with metallic blue. Body was given cursory inspection by body man who said it was a good candidate for restoration.

Interior needs restoration, but is mainly there, including a few replacement items. No radio. Odometer shows 36326 KM, but I do not know if it works, or when it quit.

Motor is not working and does not turn over. Problem is unknown. I have talked to top Honda S800 folks in Japan and US, cause cannot be known without teardown. Mufflers are not original. Quote from Brian Baker, Honda Sports Registry, and owner of Formula H Motorworks, Inc., “They are always rebuildable. With the world-wide surge in interest over the last 7 years or so, it is well worth putting it back together correctly.”