1968 Lincoln Continental Deathmobile

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1968 Lincoln Continental “Deathmobile”

VIN 8Y820807189
Engine V8

Here is your chance to play the part of a fraternity brother from infamous Delta House. Impress your friends, dress up as your favorite Delta character and crash your local fraternity party and start a food-fight.  In the film Animal House, the “Deathmobile” began as a beautiful Lincoln Continental but the car was beat by the Deltas and then recreated in the film by the frat brothers to make sure their expulsion didn’t go down without a fight. Havoc was wreaked as the reborn Lincoln Continental as the Deathmobile made its entrance in the last 5 minutes of the film.

For auction is a REPLICA of the car known as “THE DEATHMOBILE” famous from the 1978  film, “Animal House” complete with turret and whistle (whistle works but not hooked up to air compressor).  This car was not used in the film but is a full scale replica. It was made by a fan of the film as a faithful replica of the infamous car down to the trap door at the top of the turret and the recreated statue head of Emil Faber, the schools founder, as the hood ornament.  The car appeared in car shows, museum displays, parades and has made public appearances. The car runs and drives. Most of the interior has been removed to accommodate the re-created turret; the front bench seat, steering wheel and dash are present. The car is painted flat black and some exterior portions of the replica construction needs freshening.  Sale of the car goes to benefit LeMay-America’s Car Museum.