Lot 003 – 1962 Triumph TR4 Roadster

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VIN: CT4077L
Mileage: 00743 (showing)

Designed by Giovanni Michelotti, the Triumph TR4 was introduced by the Standard Triumph Motor Company in 1961. Code named “Zest” during development, only 40,253 of the TR4 model were built during the 4 year production period.

The new TR4 body style introduced roll-up windows and an angular rear, a huge change from the previous TR models which featured the classic “cutaway door” and side curtains. Some other new features included adjustable fascia ventilation, a rigid roof panel, and optional hard top that consisted of a fixed glass rear window (a backlight) with an integral roll-bar and detachable, steel center panel.

Under the hood the Triumph TR4 engine was a continuation of earlier TR models, but with an increased bore size allowing a displacement of 2138cc (rather than the 1991cc that the pre-1961 models offered). Like its predecessors, the TR4 engine was also a wet-sleeve engine, allowing for the easy swapping of cylinder liners and pistons.

The TR4 was a successful racing car, as well as gaining vast popularity among sports car enthusiasts. Production of the TR4 ended in 1965.

This TR4 does currently run, but has not been driven in years. In order to be completely “road-worthy” this fun little roadster will require a complete service to the fuel system, including the gas tank, lines, fuel pump and carburetors. As it has been dormant for quite some time it will also require a complete brake job. We have just rebuilt the starter and done some tuning to the car.

A great deal for a fun TR4 Roadster Convertible.

It is being sold at no reserve.



Thank you for your interest.