Lot 006 – 1964 Chevrolet Nova

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VIN: 40469W110841
Mileage: 99,030
Engine: I-6 230 cu inch.
Transmission: 2-Speed Powerglide

Only 18 months after giving designers the green light, GM produced and presented the first Chevy II (soon to be known as the Chevrolet Nova). The first production of the Chevy II rolled off the Willow Run, Michigan assembly line in August 1961, and the new GM Chevy was introduced not long after in the following month. As one can see by the simple lines and lack of cosmetic flair, the Chevrolet Nova was never envisioned to be a revolutionary automotive concept. Instead, GM produced the car with the intention of creating a car that offered “maximum functionalism and thrift”.

The first generation of the Chevrolet II (Nova) was produced from 1962-1965 and was offered in 5 body styles: 2-Door Sedan, 2-Door Hardtop, 2-Door Convertible (only available from ‘62-’63), 4-Door Sedan and 4-Door Station Wagon. At the beginning of the first generation, the Nova included a Chevrolet 153 4-cylinder engine and a new third generation 194cu in Chevrolet straigt-6 engine.

Our 1964 Chevrolet Nova is finished in a deep burgundy and features its original straight-6 230 cu in engine and 2-Speed Powerglide automatic transmission. Through extremely solid underneath, there is a rusty reaction under the right rear trunk area causing the paint to lift. This is likely due to poor prep on the paint. There is also some rust on the door bottoms. Purchase of the vehicle will include replacement doors, as well as other parts to go with the car. It features kickin’ tunes.

The car runs excellently and has been driven hundreds of miles in the last few weeks. We also have correct front seats that will need upholstery, as well as the original style rear springs to replace the modified ones that are currently on the car.

This is a great runner and driver that would be an easy project. A desirable year, this Nova Chevy II can be fun for the whole family. You can modify it as a resto-mod or make it stock again. It gets great gas mileage and turns heads wherever it goes.


Thank you for your interest.