Lot 028 – 1948 Chrysler Town & Country Convertible

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VIN: 7408351
Mileage: 60,025

The excellent cosmetic condition of this automobile is readily apparent. The body and paint are original as far as I know. The interior is apparently an older restoration, but is of top quality cowhide. The top is of proper canvas.

What is not apparent just looking at this car is that the engine has been completely rebuilt with all new parts. Literally every moving part in the engine has been replaced. This car would go 80 MPH all day long if it were legal. Everything on this car words – even the radio, spot lights, fog lights and electrical top. IN addition, hidden behind the tire in the trunk is a very robust negative to positive, 6 volt to 12 volt inverter that is connected to a hidden (under the dash) separate 12 volt fuse block that makes it possible to connect modern cellular phones, stereo and radar. It is very doubtful that you will find a car more mechanically sound.


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Mileage assumed to be actual.