Lot 081 – 1973 VW Bus Type 2

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We carefully selected this used VW bus in as good as shape as possible for weathering and wear and tear to begin our process of reconditioning.

The bus was cleaned, sanded and painted.  Its engines was rebuilt.  Components were inspected and replaced or repaired as necessary.  We also added an additional external oil cooler and fan to increase the amount of oil by 2 additional quarts and improve oil cooling.

The result is a bus that is in great shape for over 40 years old.


  • Paint and body work
  • Body work has been done to address the normal issues that comes with a vehicle of this age
  • New side mirrors
  • New Tires
  • The original 2/3 front seat and a split window back seat.
  • New Interior Seats, Upholstery, Panels and Headliners
  • New retractable seat belts
  • All instruments are in good working condition
  • AM/FM Radio, Bluetooth, IPOD Ready, CD, MP3
  • 12V Charging port for cell phones
  • 110 volt to 12 volt hookup
  • New external oil cooler with auto fan and added oil capacity
  • Engine
    • Newly rebuilt
    • Fuel injection or Carburetor
  • Transmission
    • Repaired or replaced as necessary.
    • Automatic
    • Tested for smooth shifting
  • New/reconditioned master cylinder
  • Brake fluid flushed and all brake serviced & checked
  • New Brakes front and rear
  • Emergency brake rebuilt along with new cables
  • New Glass
  • New Rubber
  • New/rebuilt heater boxes with fans that work
  • Head lights, tail lights, interior lights
  • Reconditioned windshield washers and wipers
  • Suspension & Tires
    • Inner & outer tie rods are replaced (and alignment done)
    • Tension rod + ball joint both side replaced


Thank you for your interest.