Lot 489 – 1940 GMC Truck

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This truck has been in my family since 1960.  My dad purchased it from a chicken farmer in Burien, Washington, who had bought it new from a local dealer.  I started driving it when I was about 12 years old.  She drove me to my horse shows, hauled our old pony in the back.  Lots of fun times.  When my dad passed away in 2004, I inherited her for safekeeping.  It is now time to find someone who will continue to take much better care than I can.

She has always been kept in a garage all these years.  In 1998, my dad did a restoration, taking it down to the wooden shims under the bed.  He painted her a metalic teal color, following the color patterns like when she was new.  He had some re-chroming work done.  I have all the receipts for the restoration, as well as what I have done recently to get her back on the road; she needed a radiator, so we had the originally re-cored with the neck; repaired the master cylinder with a rebuild kit; went through break system; and she is now on the road and can be driven safely.

She does have some items that need to be fixed:  she has the original horns, but they are not working; the vacuum wipers are not working; the parking break components are there but are not hooked up; and there is a Chevrolet Deluxe heater in the cab, which used to work, but I have not tried it; there is a flood light on the driver’s side that worked when I was a kid, but it is not wired in for some reason I am unaware of.  All turn signals, lights are working.  Throttle set and choke work great.