Lot 227 – 1966 Pontiac GTO Clone

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Beautiful brandy wine color and very nice cloning with attention to detail. Automatic transmission, TriPower. Body is exceptionally straight. Interior and paint are in near-perfect condition.  The convertible top is new. Car has been kept in a garage since being fully restored.

I inherited this car from my step dad, Gene, when he passed away in 2008. He purchased the body of the car in 1990 and his nephew completed the restoration on it.

Gene was raised in extreme poverty in Eastern Montana. He told me stories about how they didn’t have indoor plumbing and how harsh poverty can be during a Montana winter. He said they were literally from the wrong side of the tracks and his family was the family that other kids were not allowed to play with.

Gene left Montana in 1977 to find his fame and fortune.  He eventually came to own 4 bars and several other small businesses. He enjoyed his wealth and buying nice things but always generous and willing to lend a hand to the underdog.

When Gene’s 1966 GTO was restored, it was his pride and joy. He loved driving his GTO on sunny days with his granddaughters in the back. He would stop at a park or a drive-in and loved answering questions about his car.  His most memorable moment was when Kevin Duckworth, who played basketball for the Portland Trailblazers pulled up in his GTO and they were able to compare notes.  In that car, he was finally able to get past being the kid that other kids weren’t allowed to play with and he became someone to envy.


Thank you for your interest.