Lot 237 – 2002 Mahogany Runabout Classic

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Gorgeous, high enjoyment, low maintenance mahogany runabout.  24’ triple cockpit mahogany runabout built in Nova Scotia by Mahogany Classic in 2002.  5.7 litre, 269 HP Mercruiser “Ski” Model marine engine.  Low hours.  Hull constructed from Brazilian Mahogany.  Two-part epoxy finish assures water tightness and eliminates need for soaking or caulking seams.  Faria instrumentation.


I bought the boat in 2011 from an owner in Connecticut.  He had owned it for a few years, and used it between homes in CT and FL.  My sense is he did not use it much.  It was dry stacked when in FL.  When in CT it was moored at a yacht club in the summers and vacuum wrapped during the winters.  The CT owner bought it from the original owner, who is a collector of classic wooden boats.  He used it in the summers on Lake Geneva.  It was one of several boats and was lightly used.  New the boat purchased for appx. US$85k, but the Canadian dollar was at appx. 0.61 at the time, so about C$140k in 2002.  I have taken the boat out fewer than ten times since I’ve owned it, all on Puget Sound.  Boat has been dry stacked at Bayside since I took possession.  I believe trailer was custom built and came with the boat, but I never focused on it.

Thank you for your interest.