Lot 430 – 1979 Lancia Zagato

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Vin: 828BC1200749

Built on the floor pan of the Lancia Beta the Zagato was a Beta Spyder built to meet US standards. The body was designed by Pininfarina and the construction was executed by Zagato they were sold, in the US by Lancia Standards, with great success.

We’re proud to offer a nicely preserved 1979 Lancia Zagato Spyder. This car is believed to be mechanically sound, but has been sitting. Pininfarina styled- great lines with a targa panel placed in front of an integrated rollover hoop with a convertible like rear window. Capable of 83 hp- cruises at over 80 mph all day. A blast to drive- and very rare. Great opportunity to own a unique Italian classic.

This is a nice older car that has been driven very little in recent years. It has fresh paint and brake hydraulics. It has been recently serviced and looks very good. It has an original interior that is still quite nice. All photos taken as of June 6th, 2016.