Several important and remarkable vehicles have not been available for public viewing for decades—causing LeMay staff and volunteers to scramble as they transport, restage, prepare and document their addition to the burgeoning Lucky Collector Car Auction lot list, now confirmed at more than 80, for pre-auction publication online at www.luckyoldcar.com.

As word spreads, the phones of both LFCF—which co-sponsors the commercial public auction—and its local representatives have become increasingly flooded by inquisitive “first responders” seeking to “jump the fire line” and pre-buy or otherwise secure specific vehicles prior to open, no-reserve bidding.

Unfortunately, the collection’s no-reserve entries are already bound by auction rules and regulations that ensure their public availability to high bidders, not early worms. Fueled by additional private consignments now expected to exceed 20 additional vehicles, auction organizers expects the lot listing will continue to grow up until the hours before auction—especially in the vintage and classic truck categories.

Representing a full spectrum of rarity, condition and value, the confirmed June 2 lot list is certain to inspire lively competition in a wide array of bidding categories, from pristine and pedigreed historics to more accessible and affordable classics and project vehicles—even farm equipment, Model T’s and up-for-grabs Hollywood stunt vehicles.