Other Classic Washington Automobiles

In addition to substantial complements of firefighting, farm, and military vehicles, June 2nd bidders will be competing to acquire collectable and restoration project trucks that run from 1912 to 1980 and feature unusual as well as mass production makers—Linn, Diamond, Studebaker, Mack, GMC, Dodge, Ford, and Chevrolet included.

Current confirmed lot listings include:  1917 White Flatbed Truck; 1920 Linn Half-Track; 1925 Mack 7.5 Ton; 1929 GMC Truck (Hollywood Stunt Lot Vehicle); 1930 GMC Model o-10 Cab; 1931 FWD 5 Ton; 1932 Chevrolet Stakebed Truck; 1940 Dodge Military Truck; 1940 Ford 2.5 Ton; 1942 Diamond T Flatbed; 1942 GMC 6×6;  1946 Studebaker M-15; 1947 Diamond T 1.5 Ton Truck; 1947 Dodge Flatbed Dump Truck; 1951 Ford F-7 Big Job Truck; 1951 Studebaker Tow Truck; 1952 Chevrolet Truck; 1952 Dodge M-37; 1952 Ford F7 Big Job; 1952 Studebaker Military Truck; 1953 GMC Truck; 1975 Dodge.