Portland Rare Cars to be sold in Tacoma

Immaculate Bristol Tops Bus List: 1955 marks the first year that Bristol Tramways and Carriage Company—which would become world- famous for the distinctive, era-defining bus designs that followed the company’s formation in 1908—first formally separated its vehicle production into a new Bristol Commercial Vehicles Limited unit that would continue new generations of double-deckers until final closure and transfer of operations to parent company Leyland in 1981. This immaculate LeMay-branded specimen (pictured left) represents one of the world’s finest exemplars available as well as a key milestone in the Bristol production history.

History in the Rear-View Mirror: No, no one screwed up at the factory: the reversed image powder blue markings of this authentic pre-war Studebaker were designed for left-to-right reading through a rear view mirror. While it may have originally been used as a Studebaker Delivery Van (possibly a bread truck), it was definitely used in the movie “Toys” as an ambulance. Although the large classic was never likely confused with a speeding ice cream truck, this authentic Studebaker ambulance was designed to err on the side of safety and still bears much of its original paint, fixtures, and markings.