There’s no two ways about it: word is officially out: The Pacific Northwest’s growing stature as an automotive “collector cluster,” the increasingly high-visibility home for a surprisingly, disproportionately high number of world-class collectors, collections and national concours contributors, is no longer a wellkept secret.

In fact, thanks to the LeMay family of Tacoma, Washington—and the twin institutions they’ve collectively worked to establish and support—on June 2 the Pacific Northwest is taking center stage in a very public way.

Based on the world-class collection of Harold LeMay, a local magnate whose life-long passion for acquiring, preserving and restoring important vehicles built one of the world’s most eclectic and complete collections, Tacoma is today home to not one, but two nationally acclaimed institutions—the LeMay – America’s Car Museum (ACM) and LeMay Family Collection Foundation (LCFC), both of which offer an unparalleled and rich glimpse into our national—and local—history.