If you have a collector vehicle that you would like to sell, an auction is a great way to get that vehicle in front of a large audience of automotive buyers. We will also have a fully manned post-sale lot for any “no-sales” from the block, as well as a“re-run” at the end for free, so there will be three opportunities to sell the vehicle.

Here’s how it works:

1. Collect information about the vehicle/s you would like to sell

  • A copy of the Title for the vehicle/s, and the VIN number
  • Electronic photos of the vehicle/s (3/4 front, profile of side, rear, interior, engine)
  • Description/Highlights about the vehicle(s) (include any relevant details)

2. Complete the Consignment Form below – Upon submission of the following form, a representative will contact you regarding your entry to establish your sale number and review all appropriate fees.

3. Pay $200 Consignment Fee to reserve your space – Auction lot numbers are first come, first serve; best numbers will go first, of course. Secure yours now with a credit card. 10% seller’s premium.

Seller Information
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Vehicle Information
  1. Describe your vehicle fairly and accurately. This information will be used in advertising and at the auction block to describe your car.
  2. Matching Numbers
  3. (A Matching Number vehicle is one that is equipped with the original engine block)
  4. (Zero (0) for no reserve.)
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