The creation of Lucky Collector Car Auctions was a development based on the partnership between the LeMay family (and its legendary collections of automobiles) and Cosmopolitan Motors. It was based on the mutual interest of auction goers and auction lovers in the Pacific Northwest.


The LeMay Family Collection’s patron, Harold LeMay, was world renowned for his keen eye and pronounced love of collector cars. These traits have continued with his wife, Nancy, and son, Doug, as well as other family members and loyal supporters of the LeMay Family Collection. Having grown up at auctions from sitting on his dad’s lap in the front row, Doug LeMay is still as excited by a sale as ever. As a master collector of hundreds of vehicles over the years, Doug has had thousands of experiences as a buyer and participant at auction, and the annual sale of the cars at the LeMay Car Show each year have helped create a springboard from which Lucky Collector Car Auctions has grown.

Evan McMullen’s first auction was when he was a youngster with his father as well. He recalls the Danish modern teak writing desk that his dad bought for his sister in 1968. The chant of the auctioneer, the pressure in the room, the annoyed under bidders, and the sweet smell of success being awarded the prize. Later, he went with his mother to sales for furnishings for their family apartment buildings. Having a lifetime relationship with classic and collector cars instilled through his father, he has participated in thousands of auctions over the years, including the McLeod auctions in the 1970’s in Seattle. Eventually Evan began consigning cars, and through his company Cosmopolitan Motors, LLC, began to co-produce these sales with companies such as Dan Kruse Productions, Kruse Collector Car Auctions, Eli-Turner, and Mecum. In the last 35 years Evan’s experience as a buyer, seller, auction producer and participant has made him acutely aware of what is fun, productive and engaging at auctions. Evan’s expertise, matched with Doug LeMay’s direction and auction prowess, have proved to be a powerful combination – they have successfully managed each Lucky Collector Car Auction to position them as some of the finest car auctions in the Pacific Northwest!