Lot 454- Misc Records

“Jesus Christ Superstar”
“John Denver & The Muppets”
“Nat King Cole – When Your Smiling”
Louis Armstrong “Hello Dolly!”
Louis Armstrong & Al Hirt “Dixieland Trumpet”
Rex Stewert plays Duke Ellington
The Elvis Presley Story
Diana Ross “Mohogany”
“South Pacific Jazz”
“Funny Girl”
Elvis “His Songs of Inspiration”
The Best of Jazz Collection
“007 Thunderball”
“How the West was Won”
“Fiddler on the Roof”
“Christmas is for the Family” Dennis Day
“Doctor Zhivago”
“South Pacific”
Kenny Rogers-The Gambler
Willie Nelson & Family “Honeysuckle Rose”
Bette Midler & Alan Bates
“The Learning Tree”
“I Love Paris”
“Westside Story”
“My Fair Lady”

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