Lot 308-Misc Tools

Description: Local auto repair shop is downsizing and more than 14 bins of assorted auto parts for mostly european automotibles. Including but not limited to the following:



Assorted Brake Rotor Sets (10+)

Ass Wiper Blades

Ass Spark Plugs (100+)

Ass Air Filters (20+)

Ass Bearings (50+)

Ass Oil Filters (30+)

Ass Door Seals

Ass Modules

Ass Serp Belts (5+)

Clutch/Disk/Bearing Kit

Set of Shocks

Window Regulator

Battery Display Shelf

Snap On Tool Wall Rack

5 Assorted Nut/Bolt Racks

64-68 Mustang Window Seal Kit

308(1) 308(2)